The Design Activism Research Hub (DARH) is a small group of UAL staff (and sometimes research students) with a shared interest in the visual communications, material cultures and practices of social, political and campaigning movements and organisations, past and present.  The group is based within the Graphic Communications Programme at London College of Communication (LCC). 

Our interests include contemporary practices related to the use of new technologies and modes of communication as well as more traditional forms of protest and street graphics, banners, posters, pamphlets and flyers. We aim to encourage wider interest and debate about the subject within and beyond the University, and organise various events in order to do this.  Between us we are involved in research, ‘knowledge exchange’ and  teaching on the subject. Underlying this is a commitment to support movements for progressive social change.

Our use of the term ‘Design Activism’
As the above indicates we are using this term rather differently than it is currently understood within the design field and in a way that could more accurately be described as ‘activist design’. (See links on our resources page for links and references about ‘Design Activism’ – and Activist Design).

Design Activism Research Hub


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